Our Story and Mission

Hey there,
My name is John and it all started with my love for bunnies... well actually, one bunny in particular--Spot (pictured left)--who was a French Lop Rabbit with cow patterned spots, hence his name.
Spot couldn’t have known or even imagined that nine years after his passing, he’d become the main inspiration for the creation of Bunnypapa. Bunnypapa is an online shop catered to bunny owners of all kinds, specializing in bunny-themed apparel and accessories for humans, and even some play items for bunnies themselves. We are based in Brooklyn, NY and as former bunny owners and current bunny fans, we know how much bunny owners love to share the fact that they are one (bunny pride, right?). And yet, we could not find any stores dedicated to bunny owners, fans, or their furry friends. Shopping around for pet and pet-themed clothes, whether online or in-person, you’d think everyone only owns a dog or a cat. Think about the rest of us pet owners, world! Well, in the meantime, we have. For bunny owners that is. This is why we put ourselves to the challenge to create one of the first bunny-themed shops on the web.
We strive to release new designs, prints, and patterns that include all diverse rabbit breeds, because we know each bunny is special and your bunny’s representation is important to us. On top of this, we also strive to bring you a variety of items and products for everyone in the family, including your bun. From phone cases to face masks, tank tops to buttoned shirts, leggings to beach shorts, and plates to plushies, we’ve got it all! And if we don’t yet, let us know and we will.
-Bunnypapa (@bunnypapa.shop)
Bunnypapa was founded in June 2020 in Brooklyn, NY.